Boss Battle

The Boss of Bosses - A powerful boss awaits you. Prepare yourself and don't loose control.

Pressure Play - The boss can not regenerate their health but they are still strong. Push hard to see their demise.

More Bosses are Coming - New bosses will arrive in Boss Battle. Watch this space.

How it worksEdit

A Big Boss awaits You - A Big Boss is anxious to destroy your heroes on the 6th stage of each level. Defeat that bully.

Think before you Leap - You cannot use the same hero twice per level. Select your heroes wisely.

Re-re-Reset - You can reset the progress of the stages and all heroes will be usable by pressing the reset button. You get one free "Reset" per day.

Up and Onwards - When you have defeated the boss, press the "Next" button to proceed onwards.

Raising the Bar - Raise the difficulty, increase the rewards.

Time Bonus - Complete the last level at its highest difficulty to receive a Time Bonus. Finish at record time to increase your Time Bonus reward. 3 minutes will be added to your time record every time you lose in the boss stage. Only the final level can be reset after defeating the boss.



Stage levels

Team levels

Time Attack
Medium 1 - 10 60 - 84 No
Hard 3 - 12 85 - 94 No
Insane 5 - 14 95 - 104 No
Ludicrous 7 - 16 104 - 114 No
Nightmare 9 - 18 115 - 124 No
Wretched 11 - 20 125 - 150 Yes


For each day the player completes the Boss Battle a reward from the Daily Challenges can be claimed. The Daily Challenge is called "Boss Challenger" and gives the player Item Skill Point5 and Item XP Philter3

Besides the daily challenge the player gets the following rewards depending on what level they are battling.

Level Rewards
Item Crystal Shrine
Item Volatile Smoothie
Item Lost Concept Art
Item Lightning Grease
Item P.H.A.T. Pants
Item Double-Bladed Sword
Item Stone Shrine
Item Time Killer
Item Hearty Chest
Item Soul Puppet
Item Creatine Cactus
Item Mundane Mushrooms
Item The Hustle
Item Ground Gears
Item Crystal Shrine
Item Giant’s Grog
Item Aged Dragon Milk
Item Poisoned Dagger
Item Rings of a Feather
Item Crude Snippers
Item Golden Slingshot
Item Cat O’ Nine Tails
Item Stone Shrine
Item Crystal Shrine
20 Time Attack Bonus Only

Time Attack RewardsEdit

Level Rewards
Item Shrine Crystal
Item Gold Chest
Item Crystal Shrine
Item Runicite Monolith
C (20m0s)
D (300m0s)
Item Crystal Shrine


King Imp: Wretched

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