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Dark Dracul

Chapter 1: Fight your way through Dracul's castle, collecting members of your team and free Dracul from Umlaut.



Levels Edit

Level 0* – Heroes Assemble!

Umlaut has left Castle Dracul and our friends are still close by. If we hurry, we might be able to get their Stones back!

Level 1 – Greased Lightning Edit

We hear cursing outside. The Electroyeti must be in the courtyard!

Dialog Before Wave 3

Unstable Understudy
Hey! Don’t you remember us?
Dragon Lady
Does that mean yes or no?
Unstable Understudy
No idea, but he’s coming this way! Zoiks!

Level 2 – Reinforcements! Edit

Reinforcements have arrived and the courtyard is filled with monsters. They're saying something about a dragon? I thought Umlaut left!

Level 3* – Dragon Attack Edit

The monsters have fled into the castle, we must pursue! Could the dragon inside be Umlaut?

Dialog Before Wave 3

Dark Dracul
Velcome to Castle Dracul. So nice of you to join me for dinner…
Unstable Understudy
I don’t think that’s Umlaut.
Dark Dracul
Umlaut shall live forever! All hail the great dragon Umlaut!
Dragon Lady
I think he’s being controlled too! This isn’t good…

Level 4 – Pursuit! Edit

The Dark Dracul has fled, and sent monsters to cover his escape!

Level 5 – Compelling Power Edit

The famed Faith Healer has been spotted in the courtyard. We could use a healer, let's try to get those Stones!

Level 6* – On the Ramparts Edit

Our scouts have spotted the Unstable Understudy in the courtyard. How can she be in the courtyard when she's in our party?

Level 7 – Stolen Power Edit

Sighting of the Unstable Understudy confirmed. We need to investigate.

Dialog Before Wave 3

Unstable Understudy
What can you be over there when I'm here?!
Unstable Understudy
I don’t think that’s Umlaut.Umlaut holds your Power! All hail mighty Umlaut!

Dialog After Wave 3

Unstable Understudy
That was weird. I don't like fighting myself.
Dragon Lady
Hmm... I don't think that was you. It looked like a phantom version of you. Do you think Umlaut made these phantoms?
Unstable Understudy
That makes sense. I wonder if I can become stronger by defeating them.
Dragon Lady
I bet the Soulstones have something to do with this. Let's continue to investigate.

Level 8 – Take the Power Back Edit

Umlaut thinks he can hold onto the Understudy's Powers. Let's take back those Stones!

Level 9* – The Hunt Edit

The monsters are retreating into the castle! Cowards!

Level 10 – Charmed Edit

The Faith Healer has joined up with the monsters in the courtyard. He's casting a spell this way! Must... go... into... courtyard...

Level 11 – Mace in the Face Edit

Reinforcements have arrived! We need to push them back to get back into the castle.

Level 12* – I Vont to take your Powers! Edit

The Dark Dracul has been spotted on the ramparts, and he's got the Dragon Lady's phantom with him!

Level 13 – Courtyard Strut Edit

The Dark Dracul has retreated into the castle, but the horde has pushed us back out into the courtyard.

Level 14 – Electric Personality Edit

We can hear the Electroyeti's cursing from across the courtyard. He's not going to get away with saying those things about your Mother!

Level 15* – Castle Strike Edit

They've retreated back into the castle. Now's our chance!

Level 16 – Shortcut Edit

Our scouts have spotted the Dark Dracul at the drawbridge, trying to escape. We need to get there fast. Let's cut through the courtyard!

Level 17 – Stay on Target Edit

We have to fight our way to the drawbridge before he can escape. Hurry!

Level 18* – Shadow of the Dragon Edit

We've cut the Dark Dracul off from his escape. Don't let him get away!

Dialog After Wave 3

Dark Dracul
Vhat is going on?
Dragon Lady
You were under the control of an evil dragon!
Dark Dracul
Yes, yes, now I remember. He said vonce he controlled all of ze dragons, he vould bring zis vorld to ruin!
Uh, I think I understood that. And it doesn't sound good.
Dark Dracul
You must free ze other dragons! Before it's too late!
Dragon Lady
Vill you come with us? I mean, will you come with us?
Dark Dracul
Until you have my Soulstones, I can't guarantee your safety. He could take over at any time! Collect ze Stones, and I will join you!

Note: * are levels that are both Normal and Elite.

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