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Chapter 3: Take back Fort Tannin and free Snap Dragon from the evil Umlaut.




Levels Edit

Level 0* – Pit Fight!

Monsters have invaded the fight pit! Kick 'em out.

Level 1 - Rumors of Occupation Edit

Our scouts have heard rumors that the nearby Fort has been occupied by a dragon. Heroes assemble!

Level 2 - Take out the Trash Edit

This was once a mighty fortress and they've destroyed it. Time to show them what we do with the trash.

Level 3* - Fight for Your Right Edit

Do you hear that? They're having a party in the dining hall. Let's crash it!

Dialog Before Wave 3

Let's (hic) raise a glass to Umlaut!
Time to crash this party! You're going to pay for trashing this place!

Level 4 - Hide and Seek Edit

We've cleared the hall, but still no sign of the dragon. Where is it?

Level 5 - Shiver Down Your Spine Edit

Our victory is stopped short by a shrill scream- it's the Crimson Witch, and she's got the Snap Dragon with her!

Level 6* - Someone's in the Kitchen Edit

There a strange glow coming from the kitchen, and I don't think it's the cooking fire.

Dialog Before Wave 3

This fort belongs to Umlaut!
Dragon Lady
Not if I have anything to do with it!

Level 7 - Down the Hall Edit

The Snap Dragon has retreated into the corridor!

Level 8 - Throwdown Edit

We've fought our way to the Snap Dragon-he won't escape this time!

Level 9* - Pit Fight 2: The Beatening Edit

The Fight Pit is overrun with monsters again. This will not stand. To battle!

Level 10 - Battle Royale Edit

Now that we've cleared out the pit, let's get back to liberating the fort.

Level 11 - Savage Roar Edit

I hear the Snap Dragon's roar coming from the kitchen. Electroyeti, stop stuffing your face and get over here! We'll have to fight our way to him!

Level 12* - His Goose is Cooked Edit

Time to brawl. We've got the Snap Dragon cornered!

Dialog After Wave 3

RAAWWRR! Fall back! We have to protect the treasure!
Did I hear someone say, 'treasure'?

Level 13 - Gilt Rumors Edit

As he retreats into the corridor, we hear the Snap Dragon ordering the horde to protect the treasure...

Level 14 - Hasty Retreat Edit

The Snap Dragon is retreating! Quick, before he escapes!

Level 15* - Hall Brawl Edit

The dining hall is being trashed. "Not the FOOD!", screams the Electroyeti, "You #$@%$%! We won't let this stand."

Level 16 - Revenge! Edit

They've destroyed all of the Fort's food and booze! It's payback time.

Level 17 - Race to the Hoard Edit

The monsters are running to protect the treasure. We're hot on their heels!

Level 18* - Gold Standard Edit

They've holed up in the treasure hall. Time for a final showdown with the Snap Dragon.

Dialog After Wave 3

Whoa, what happened?
Dragon Lady
You were under the control of an evil dragon.
He sent me here to take this Fort...RAWWWR! What have I done?
Unstable Understudy
It wasn't your fault! We'll use the treasure to repair what's been destroyed.
Dragon Lady
Makes sense strategically, and it's the ethically correct thing to do.
Blondie my dear, you are a royal pain in the...
I'm going somewhere where I'm not a risk to anyone. Find my Stones soon and I won't have this hanging over my head!

Note: * are levels that are both Normal and Elite.

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