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Chapter Synopsis Edit


Chapter 4: Travel through the ravaged Hydra Valley, Centaur of Attention's home, and release Hydra from Umlaut's control.

Levels Edit

Level 0* - The Raggedy Edge Edit

The Elven Realm has asked for our aid, but we have to cross a valley overrun with monsters...SIGH.

Level 1 - Under Fire Edit

Only steps into the valley and we're taken by surprise!

Level 2 - Dragon Dance Edit

The path has been blocked by dragons!

Level 3* - Along the Watchtower Edit

We enter the valley and the Centaur stops in his tracks. "Guys, I think I recognize this place."

Dialog Before Wave 3

This is my old home! I can't believe what's happened to it...
Unstable Understudy
How far is the Elven Realm from here?
Not too far, although I've never been there. They don't take kindly to visitors.

Level 4 - Ambushed! Edit

We've been ambushed! To arms!

Level 5 - Second Wave Edit

This place is creepy. It's cold, it smells, and there are monsters everywhere. The sooner we fight our way out of here, the better!

Level 6* - Snakes on the Plain Edit

The earth begins to rumble. "Time to greet those responsible for this," shouts the Centaur as he leaps into the fray.

Dialog Before Wave 3

ARGH! You've entered the controlled territory of Umlaut! Prepare to DIE!
Unstable Understudy
Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?
You'll pay for what you've done to this valley! Heeyah!

Level 7 - Faint Memories Edit

Before Umlaut took over, this was a beautiful valley. The Centaur is devastated, but more importantly, really angry.

Level 8 - Scorched Earth Edit

It's hard to get our bearings. Monsters have made this area barely recognizable.

Level 9* - Across the Chasm Edit

This bridge is creaking in the most unnerving fashion. Don't look down!

Level 10 - Hydra Spotted! Edit

Our scouts have spotted the Hydra back at the battlefield!

Level 11 - Forward! Edit

If we are going to secure this valley, we need to defeat that dragon!

Level 12* - Serpent Showdown Edit

Time to show the Hydra who's boss.

Dialog After Wave 3

The Elven Realm will soon be ours! Smash them!
Thundering #@%$! They're headin' straight for the Dragonfly Forest!
We have to stop them! I won't let them destroy someone else's home the way they have mine!

Level 13 - Race to the Forest Edit

The Hydra is heading for the Elven Realm. We need to beat him to the forest entrance!

Level 14 - Onward! Edit

We must be close behind it, can't you feel the earth rumbling beneath your feet?

Level 15* - The Second Tower Edit

This tower used to guard the forest entrance. We'll have to hurry if we are going to catch that dragon!

Level 16 - Got Him! Edit

Now's our chance!

Level 17 - Epic Throwdown Edit

This is one epic boss fight! Finish him!

Level 18* - Final Countdown Edit

Here is where we make our final stand against the Hydra!

Dialog After Wave 3

ARGH! Where am I?
You're in Hydra Valley.
NO, no! It can't be! This is a wasteland.
Yeah, and you and your friends are the cause.
Unstable Understudy
It's not their fault...
I don't care! They've destroyed my home!
ARGH. This was my ancestors' home too! Collect my Stones and I'll make sure this never happens to anyone again.
Fine! Find someplace where you can't do any more damage and stay there until we collect your Stones!

Note: * are levels that are both Normal and Elite.

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