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Chapter 5: Fight your way through Dragonfly Forest to an Elven Hall, with a detour along the way. In the final battle you release Moon Drake from Umlaut's control.

Levels Edit

Level 0* - On the Outskirts Edit

I've never been allowed into the Dragonfly Forest before. The Understudy can barely contain her geeky excitement.

Level 1 - Cleaning House Edit

We can't let the monsters destroy this place. Let's kick 'em out!

Level 2 - Battle Time Edit

Our scouts have spotted more monsters heading toward the Elven Garden. We'll have to hurry if we want to catch them.

Level 3* - Protect the Garden! Edit

They're destroying the ancient statues! We can't let them get away with this!

Level 4 - Elven Rumors Edit

The locals are saying that the dragon that once protected this area has come under Umlaut's control.

Level 5 - Spectral Sighting Edit

Our scouts have spotted a white shape up ahead. Could it be the Crimson Witch's wraiths?

Level 6* - Forest Guardian Edit

The rumors were true. We've found the Moon Drake, and she's under Umlaut's control!

Level 7 - Transported! Edit

Some kind of ancient magic has transported us to another area. Now we are completely lost!

Level 8 - Celestial Navigation Edit

We've been separated from our scouts, and I'm completely turned around.

Level 9* - Oh, Come On! Edit

We've somehow wandered back to the outskirts of the forest. Well, at least we know where we are now!

Level 10 - It's a Trap! Edit

The Moon Drake has surprised us! It's almost like we were led here...

Level 11 - Scouts Spotted Edit

We've reunited with our scouts, and they say that they've spotted the Moon Drake out by the falls.

Level 12* - Waterfall Fight Edit

The thunder of these falls is resonating in my chest like a drum! To battle!

Level 13 - Down the Path Edit

The monsters' ranks are starting to thin. We're doing a great job of clearing this realm out!

Level 14 - Help from the Locals Edit

The locals are fired up and attacking groups of monsters in the area! We'll soon have them running to their mothers!

Level 15* - Vandals Never Prosper Edit

Those blasted monsters are destroying the garden again! Let's stick those statues where the sun don't shine.

Level 16 - A Shortcut Edit

Our scouts have spotted an ancient Elven Hall up ahead, just a few miles down the path. They say it's indescribably beautiful.

Level 17 - In the Distance Edit

I can see the hall in the distance and can only say that the scouts were right! Majestic!

Level 18* - Awestruck Edit

This hall is...amazing! The perfect place for a final showdown with the Moon Drake.

Note: * are levels that are both Normal and Elite.

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