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Levels Edit

Level 0 - Goodbye to Dragonfly Edit

We leave the Dragonfly Forest reluctantly, but ready for our next challenge!

Level 1 - Dark and Dank Edit

The climate quickly becomes wet and cool and we plunge into the wood.

Level 2 - Uncharted Territory Edit

None of us have ever been this far into uncharted territory, It's exciting...if a little daunting.

Level 3 - A Massive Army Edit

Above the treeline we can see that the woods are filled with the monsters.

Level 4 - Dense Foliage Edit

The verdant forest is dense with vines. They cling to our ankles as we fight our way through more monsters.

Level 5 - Low on Food Edit

It's impossible to tell the difference between the monsters' roars and the Electroyeti's stomach. We need some grub.

Level 6 - Brutal Phantoms Edit

Our phantoms seem to be getting stronger. How much power does Umlaut truly control?

Level 7 - Foraged Fodder Edit

The scouts have returned from foraging with some questionable looking roots and berries. Who cares? I'm starving!

Level 8 - Campfire Edit

The roots have to be boiled before eating. We attempted to make a campfire with minimal smoke, but have attracted the enemy. Get ready!

Level 9 - Peaceful Clearing Edit

Tracking a group of enemies, we've come upon a peaceful clearing. If we clear them out, we'll finally be able to rest and eat!

Level 10 - Full and Fighting Edit

With half full bellies, we head deeper into the woods to clear out more phantoms.

Level 11 - Silence Broken Edit

The eerie silence is broken by the stomping boots of the horde!

Level 12 - Battle on Hilltop Edit

We've decided to climb the hilltop to get a view of the surrounding area.

Level 13 - Building Spotted Edit

A large tower has been spotted in the distance. We've documented it and the surrounding area on our map.

Level 14 - Scouting Party Edit

The scouts have set off to find out more about the tower in the distance. What will they discover?

Level 15 - Something Fishy Edit

We are short on supplies again, so we stop by a stream to do some fishing. Suddenly, phantoms emerge from the woods!

Level 16 - Fully Stocked Edit

Our supplies should last us several days now. Still no word from the scouts, however.

Level 17 - Report In Edit

The scouts have returned! Our destination is not far, but we'll have to cross a great chasm to get there.

Level 18 - Rickety Bridge Edit

The mysterious tower is just past this bridge, but our path is blocked by monsters!

Note: * are levels that are both Normal and Elite.

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