Contest: Collector's Edition

Start Date: 04/22/2017

Duration: 2 Day

Flavor Text: "After hanging out with Dragons for so long, the heroes have started developing an intense lust for treasure hoarding themselves. The mountains of loot your heroes have assembled are even starting to attract new heroes. Recruit the bran new hero (VARIES BY SERVER) by collecting the most!

Info Text: Gather and enchant the most purple and orange scraps and items to win the NEW HERO (VARIES BY SERVER)


Points Rewards
S1-10 S11 All S1-7 S8 S9 S10 S11
3.5M 2.79M
Item Soul Chest
Item 2x Normal Campaign Drops
Item Untested Jetpack
Item The Holey Pail
Item Glasses of Lenslessness
Item Rod of Witty Banter
Item Laser Visor
1.87M 1.5M
Item Soul Chest
1.25M 1M
Item Stamina x60
725,000 580,000
Item Shop Refresh
Item Primal Essense
150,000 80,000
Item Gold Chest


Task Points
Item scrap Find Purple Scrap 2000
Item scrap Find Orange Scrap 2000
Enchant Power Enchant Purple Item 3000
Enchant Power Enchant Orange Item 3000
Item Purple Mystery Find Purple Item 5000
Item Orange Mystery Find Orange Item 5000

Rank Rewards Edit

Rank Rewards
Rank All S1-7 S8 S9 S10 S11
1 Item Bazaar Token 5000 Burnt One Square Soulstone 250 Plague Mogul Square Soulstone 300 Kraken Lord Square Soulstone 250 Spikey Dragon Soulstone 250 Medusa Soulstone 300
2 Item Bazaar Token 4000 Burnt One Square Soulstone 175 Plague Mogul Square Soulstone 225 Kraken Lord Square Soulstone 175 Spikey Dragon Soulstone 175 Medusa Soulstone 225
3-5 Item Bazaar Token 3000 Burnt One Square Soulstone 100 Plague Mogul Square Soulstone 150 Kraken Lord Square Soulstone 100 Spikey Dragon Soulstone 100 Medusa Soulstone 150
6-10 Item Bazaar Token 2000 Burnt One Square Soulstone 50 Plague Mogul Square Soulstone 100 Kraken Lord Square Soulstone 50 Spikey Dragon Soulstone 50 Medusa Soulstone 100
1% Item Bazaar Token 1000
Item Soul Chest
Burnt One Square Plague Mogul Square Kraken Lord Square Spikey Dragon Medusa
5% Item Bazaar Token 1000
Item Soul Chest
Item Gold Chest
10% Item Bazaar Token 750
Item Gold Chest
20% Item Bazaar Token 500
Item Gold Chest
50% Item Bazaar Token 200
75% Item Bazaar Token 100
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