Contest: Uninvited Guests

Start Date: 05/6/2017

Duration: 2 Day

Flavor Text: "While partying hard in the Ultimate Party Dimension, Wild Satyr tripped over a flux disintegrator and opened up a dimensional tear, inviting over new heroes into this realm. Let's fill up the fridge with loot for the new guests!

Info Text: Gather and enchant the most purple and orange scraps and items to win the NEW HERO (VARIES BY SERVER)


Points Rewards
1-7 8 9 10 11 All
14M 11M 8M 5M 2M
Item Stamina x60
Item Stamina Cost Reset
10M 7M 5M 2.79M 1.1M
Item Stamina x60
Item Shop Refresh
6M 4.5M 3.5M 1.79M 700,000
Item Stamina x60
Item Shop Refresh
4M 3M 2M 900,000 350,000
Item Stamina x60
1M 900,000 800,000 400,000 100,000
Item Stamina x60


Task Points
Item scrap Find Purple Scrap 2000
Item scrap Find Orange Scrap 2000
Enchant Power Enchant Purple Item 3000
Enchant Power Enchant Orange Item 3000
Item Purple Mystery Find Purple Item 5000
Item Orange Mystery Find Orange Item 5000

Rank Rewards Edit

Rank Rewards
Rank All S1-7 S8 S9 S10 S11
1 Item Bazaar Token 5000 Void Wyvern Soulstone 250 Weredragon Circle Soulstone 300 Vulture Dragon Soulstone 250 Aquatic Man Soulstone 320 Spikey Dragon Soulstone 250
2 Item Bazaar Token 4000 Void Wyvern Soulstone 175 Weredragon Circle Soulstone 150 Vulture Dragon Soulstone 175 Aquatic Man Soulstone 175 Spikey Dragon Soulstone 175
3-5 Item Bazaar Token 3000 Void Wyvern Soulstone 100 Weredragon Circle Soulstone 100 Vulture Dragon Soulstone 100 Aquatic Man Soulstone 70 Spikey Dragon Soulstone 100
6-10 Item Bazaar Token 1000 Void Wyvern Soulstone 50 Weredragon Circle Soulstone 50 Vulture Dragon Soulstone 50 Aquatic Man Soulstone 20 Spikey Dragon Soulstone 50
1% Item Bazaar Token 1000 Void Wyvern Weredragon Circle Vulture Dragon Aquatic Man Spikey Dragon
5% Item Bazaar Token 1000
Item Soul Chest
10% Item Bazaar Token 750
Item Gold Chest
25% Item Bazaar Token 500
Item Gold Chest
50% Item Bazaar Token 200
75% Item Bazaar Token 100
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