Item Ancient Code

Ancient Code

Intellect +900
Health Regen +3000
Accuracy +200
Expertise +10

Item Purification Robe

Purification Robe

Intellect +200
Max Health +12000
Magic Penetration +100

Item Mad God’s Mug

Mad God’s Mug

Skill Power +1000
Magic Resist +100
Expertise +2

Item Featherweight Pauldrons

Featherweight Pauldrons

Strength +450
Intellect +450
Agility +450

Item Rocket Cloak

Rocket Cloak

Agility +900
Basic Damage +200
Accuracy +200

Item Triassic Trinket

Triassic Trinket

Magic Penetration +333
Armor Penetration +333

Item Cat O’ Nine Tails

Cat O’ Nine Tails

Max Health +4000
Magic Penetration +200

Item Ruby Flip Flops

Ruby Flip Flops

Agility +160
Max Health +12000
Life Steal +200

Item Golden Slingshot

Golden Slingshot

Accuracy +560

Item Blacksmith Brew

Blacksmith Brew

Strength +900

Item Dense Cake of Hate

Dense Cake of Hate

Strength +200
Max Health +12000

Item Crude Snippers

Crude Snippers

Basic Damage +700
Crit Rating +255

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