Hero names are often truncated/shortened when players refer to them. The below table attempts to document the most common nicknames for each hero. Nicknames which are more common than the full name are bolded.

Hero Nicknames
Ambush Spider Spider, Ambush
Ancient Idol Idol
Aquatic Man Aqua, Aquatic, Aquaman, Fake Aquaman
Banshee "Howler",
Bardbarian Bard, Barbarian, Barb
Bone Dragon Bone
Brozerker Bro, Broz, Bouncer
Catapult Knight Catapult, Cata, Cata Knight
Centaur of Attention Centaur, Cent
Cosmic Elf Elf, Spock
Crimson Witch Witch, Crim
Cyclops Shaman Shaman, Cyclops, Sham, Zeus, Cyclops Wizard
Dark Dracul Drac, Dracul, Dracula, Dark Drac
Dark Horse Horse, DH
Doppelganger Doppel
Dragon Lady Lady, DL, D.Lady
Dust Devil Dust, Devil, DD, Dusty, Dirty D
Dwarven Archer Archer
Electroyeti Yeti, Static Shock
Faith Healer Healer, Faith
Frost Giant Frosty, Frost, Frosty the Snowman
Goblin Trio Goblin, Goblins, Trio, Triple Threat, Demon Totem
Golden Genie Genie, Make-A-Wish
Groovy Druid Druid, Groovy
Hydra "Lizard", Hail Hydra!
King Kaiju Kaiju, Godzilla, Zilla, DragZilla
Kraken Lord Kraken, Doctor Octopus , Squidward, SquidBilly
Magic Dragon Magic
Master Thief Thief, Ole One Shot, Stowaway
Medusa Dusa, Snake Eyes
Megataur Mega, Minotaur
Moon Drake Moon
Ninja Dwarf Ninja, Dwarf, Drunken Master
Orc Monk Orc, Monk, Ogre, Priest, Shrek
Pixie Queen Pixie, Queen, Druidnatrix
Plant Soul Plant, Scary Nature
Polemaster Pole, Male Giggalo
Rabid Dragon Rabid
Raging Revenant Revenant, Rev
Roller Warrior Roller, Roller Girl
Rot Beard Rot, Pirate, Rotbeard, Rot B, Spongebob, Davy Jones
Savage Cutie Cutie, Savage
Shadow Assassin Assassin, Shadow, Silent Assassin
Silent Spirit Silent, Spirit, Killer Clown, Trump Wall
Skeleton King King, Skeleton, SK, Skelly, Skele
Snap Dragon Snap, Vice Grips
Spectral Drake Spectral, Spec Drake,
Spikey Dragon Spikey, Spike
Spirit Wolf Wolf, Spirit, Sniper Wolf
Storm Drake Storm
Unicorgi Corgi, Uni, Spin Puppy
Unstable Understudy Understudy, UU, US, Under, Study
Vulture Dragon Vulture, Bone Collector, Trash Eater
Water Wyrm Wyrm, Deep Dragon, Water Dragon
Wild Satyr Satyr
Zombie Squire Zombie, Walking Dead
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