So what’s the deal with all of these roles, anyhow? How do they work together?


The frontline defense for your team. They generally have a lot of health and soak up large amounts of damage to help protect the lines behind them. Some of them can create shields and heal your team. Some can do a lot of damage to the opposing team, but not all do.
Hero type tank


These heroes hit hard and perform huge quantities of damage against the opposing team. Sometimes this damage is in a burst (like Electroyeti and Unstable Understudy), and sometimes it occurs over time (like Dark Dracul). Damage heroes tend to reside in the midline and backline. A good team will have at least 2 damage heroes. In order to offset their high damage potential, they tend to be somewhat “squishy”, meaning they have less health/armor/magic resist so they can be killed more easily than tanks.
Hero type damage


Control heroes really mix up the game, because they can “control” the opposing team in unique ways. This might mean stunning the entire team for a few seconds so your damage guys can wipe them out (like with Medusa), preventing them from casting their white/active skill (like with Spirit Wolf or Cosmic Elf) or performing various debuffs (such as Banshee preventing enemy healing). Control heroes generally don’t do high amounts of damage on their own; they shine when they allow the rest of your team to do their damage more effectively!
Hero type control


These heroes are an interesting bunch. They generally can be thought of as “augmenting” or “enhancing” the rest of your team in some way. Examples of this are Crimson Witch making everyone more powerful and faster for a few seconds, Moon Drake/Cyclops providing energy to allies, and Faith Healer healing everyone at once and reducing physical damage taken. Most supports don’t do huge amounts of damage (relative to most damage heroes), though Bardbarian and Cyclops are certainly exceptions to this!
Hero type support


A solid team-building strategy is: 1 tank, 2-3 damage, 1 support, 0-1 control (depending on the situation and who you have in your stable).

At this point, so many heroes have been introduced with skills and positions (front/mid/back) that cross over the above boundaries, it’s hard to make simple rules about selecting teams. As you get higher in level, your damage heroes become so powerful that you don’t often need tanks. As a lower-level player, however, tanks are essential!


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