The ultimate trump card

Uses in Hero GearEdit

Electroyeti Stone 60px Dark Dracul Stone Cosmic Elf Stone 60px Moon Drake Stone Catapult Knight Stone Shadow Assassin Stone Dust Devil Stone Magic Dragon Stone Brozerker Stone Groovy Druid Stone Spikey Dragon Stone 60px Skeleton King Stone Wild Satyr Stone Storm Drake Stone Spirit Wolf Stone Golden Genie Stone Cyclops Shaman Stone Goblin Trio Stone Water Wyrm Stone Doppelganger Stone Ancient Idol Stone Plant Soul Stone Banshee Stone Raging Revenant Stone Silent Spirit Stone 60px Dungeon Man Stone Mistress Manicure Stone Void Wyvern Stone Tomb Angel Stone Angelic Herald Stone Angel Dragon Stone 60px

Crafting UsesEdit

Item Components
Item Axe of Grinding
Axe of Grinding
Item Ivy League Haircut
Item Peter Piper’s Pepper Spray
Item Girdle of Victory
Item Harold’s Homemade Halberd
Item Tunnel Vision
Tunnel Vision


Ivy League Haircut ScrollEdit

Item Ingredients
Item scroll
Item Ivy League Haircut
Item scroll scrap
Item Ivy League Haircut
Craft Cost: Gold 30,000
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