Quests are achievements that can be repeated every day by players to earn Team XP, Gold, and other rewards.

This is quickest way to level up your team (mostly) for free.


Quest Details Team XP Gold[1]
Rewards TL Req. Other Req.
Stamina Boost Stamina Boost Free Stamina Boost that occurs 3 times a day.[2] 60 Icon Stamina
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter Open 5 Chests 80
Campaign Crusher Campaign Crusher Complete 10 Campaign stages (Normal or Elite) 120
Item XP Flask
Overachiever Overachiever Upgrade a skill 3 times 60 2 8
Pit Fighter Pit Fighter Engage in 3 battles in the Fight Pit 100 2 10
Elite Campaign Crusher Elite Campaign Crusher Complete 3 Elite Campaign stages 150
Item XP Philter
11 Finish Ch 1
Strange Alchemy Strange Alchemy Use Alchemy 1 time to gain gold 40 1 12
Hit the Slopes Hit the Slopes Finish 2 Mountain battles 100 1 14
Helping Hand Helping Hand Post a Hero to your Guild’s Job Board 20
Item XP Philter
18 In a Guild
Rise to the Challenge Rise to the Challenge Finish 3 Challenge battles 100 1 20
Get Out There Get Out There Complete 1 stage in the Expedition 100 2 25
Crypt Raider Crypt Raider Make one attack in today’s Crypt Raid 100 Guild Token 30
Enchant the Things Enchant the Things Enchant 1 piece of gear 50
Item Enchanting Stone
Rumble in the Coliseum Rumble in the Coliseum Engage in 1 battle in the Coliseum 100 2 44
Boss Master Boss Master Win a battle in the Boss Pit 100 1 55
Make an Offering Make an Offering Sacrifice an Offering at the Rune Shrine 50
Item Runicite Stone
The Power of Rune The Power of Rune Attempt to Empower a Rune 50
Item Runicite Stone
Purchase Required
Loot Raider Loot Raider Get free Raid Tickets every day (VIP only)[3]
Item Raid Ticket
Monthly Deal Monthly Deal Buy a monthly deal package to received diamonds daily 120 Diamond Costs $2.99+
  1. Gold earned from daily quests comes in two tiers.
    Tier 1: 1000 × (1 + 0.112 × Team level)
    Tier 2: 2000 × (1 + 0.112 × Team level)
  2. Stamina Boosts occur between 12-2pm, 6-8pm & 9-11pm local time.
  3. Raid Tickets earned = (VIP Level × 10) + 10
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