Hard MinionsEdit

Hard minions should be taken out first with only 1 exception. The exception is Aquatic Man, if he only has 1 hard Minion he should be left until about 3rd or 4th to be taken out. If a Titan has 2 or more hard Minions they should always go first, this includes Aquatic Man. When considering Minions follow the order below.

Cauldron FiendEdit

Attack this precarious pot of toxic liquid and it will slosh forward dealing splash damage.

Cloud MonsterEdit

Powerful tank who is immune to all physical damage and periodically summons a cloud shield. (This shield isn’t immune to physical damage.)

Head CrabEdit

Crabby little fellow who jumps on foes’ heads and forces them to attack their allies.

Mr SmashyEdit

A big oaf of a front line melee monster whose epic body slam causes physical damage with splash and stun.


This creepy front-line fiend attacks foes in melee with its hooves.

Man Eating PlantEdit

Front-line monster that bites enemies and becomes temporarily immune by hiding in its pot. Easy to time out waiting for plant to come out, make sure to take these out before healing or shielding bosses.

Easy MinionsEdit

Crystal Golem (orange)Edit

Mid-line ranged construct that does AoE magic damage.

Fire ImpEdit

Front-line demon that deals magic damage and is immune to magic.


Front-line melee monster that deal physical damage.

Ice Golem (blue/lavender)Edit

Inferno SpiderEdit

Front-line tank that deal AoE magic damage.

Kamikaze GnomeEdit

Gnome with a bomb. Walks up to enemies and explodes for serious AoE damage.

Mistic Wilding (green)Edit

Tough mid-line archer that deals magic damage.

Punkin’ ScarecrowEdit

Mid-line that throws flaming pumpkins for magic damage.

Stone ImpEdit

Front-line demon that deal physical damage and is immune to physical.

Terror EyesEdit

Midline monster that shoots eyeball projectiles at multiple ranges.

Troll BlobEdit

Front-line melee monster that deals physical damage.

Wilding Archer (brown)Edit

Back-line archer that deals physical damage.

Wilding Sniper (yellow)Edit

Tough mid-line archer that deals physical damage.

Wood Spirit Healer (white)Edit

Mid-line supporter who heals other units. Doesn’t attack.

Wood Spirit Shaman (orange)Edit

Mid-line supporter who increases other units’ attack power and speed. Doesn’t attack.

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