Aquatic ManEdit

Gentle Waves of Destruction

After defeated, a “Tsunami” is summoned every 9 seconds, dealing XXXX magic damage and knocking back all attackers it hits.


Clan of the Cave Bard

After defeated, all goes gain 40% attack speed and 40% movement speed.

Bone DragonEdit

A Skeleton, But Still Alive

After defeated, all foes’ basic attacks gain splash damage.


Lord of the Squat Bench

After defeated, whenever any foe falls below 25% health, it gains a “No Pain, No Gain” shield equal to 50% of its max health.

Centaur of AttentionEdit

The Man with the Squishy Arrow

After defeated, every 11 seconds, he launches his “Blunt Force Trauma” from off screen. Each arrow does XXXX physical damage.

Dragon LadyEdit

Summons Fire, Deals Death

After defeated, a “Flippant Missile” is summoned every 10 seconds. It deals XXXX magic damage and stuns attacker for 3 seconds. Guaranteed to stun level XX or lower.

Faith HealerEdit

Guy Who Throws the Book

After defeated, the Faith Healer heals everyone on the Titan’s side every 12 seconds. Foes gain XXXX health with every word.


Medusa Meshmusha

After defeated, all foes’ basic attacks have a chance to turn attackers into stone for 1 second. This chance triggers once every 3 basic attacks.

Snap DragonEdit

Big Red Dragon

After Defeated, the Titan gains 1,000 energy whenever a foe dies in the second stage.

Unstable UnderstudyEdit

Studies Destroying Enemies

After defeating, the Unstable Understudy, “Punches Out” the furthest attacker for XXXX magic damage every 7 seconds.

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