I’m a level 110 officer in the, wonderfully typo’d guild, “soulmates reveng” on, Item Director’s Cut Director’s Cut (2). Yes, that is a typo, but that’s what it’s called. Blame Sebastian (our founder).

I’m also the leader of “Neverwhere”, a top 20 guild on Item Laser Kitten Laser Kitten (9).

I’m trying to get some of the other members to join in editing here, but so far, I have mostly failed :(

Update: User:Mistrestsamhain is Queen Mum from my Guilds and she’s adding the game story line and dialogue to the site! Thank you Mum!

Also, recruiting now for our #60 War Ranked clan!


Boss GuideEdit

Need to get some of this info, and my own experiences, into the wiki.

Moon Drake Legendary Quest part 3Edit

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