The latest DragonSoul update (2.5) is now available. Item recipe rebalancing as well as server cap increases
  • Team Level Cap Increases
  • War Modifiers
  • War Matchmaking Improvements
  • Purple/Orange Gear Improvements
  • Higher Drop Rates
  • Full Gear Sets
  • More Balanced Gear Distribution
  • Challenges and Boss Pit
  • New Forums & CS Improvements
  • What do I do the first time I enter Discourse?
    1. Open DragonSoul
    2. Tap your player portrait
    3. Tap “Community”. The new forum, Discourse, will open in your browser
    4. Tap “Log In”
    5. Tap “Use DragonSoul Account”
  • Improved Hero Screen performance
  • Improved time zone controls
  • Crypt Attack Limit Change
  • Hero sorting
  • Priority messages
  • Rune stats toggle
  • VIP Soulmart refresh

Install the update for some tasty bug fixes, and check out the patch notes!

Patch Notes:

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