The latest DragonSoul update (2.6) is now available.

What’s New?

  • New NPCs
  • Hero Balance Changes

Other Improvements

  • NPCs level 53 and higher have been buffed. Expect to see some more challenge in your battles against all types of enemies!
  • You can now add people to your friends list without them needing to talk in Chat
  • Many Hero skill descriptions have been updated with more specific information about how they function, how the skill targeting works, etc.
  • Strength granted via Rune bonuses now properly gives bonus Armor
  • When receiving Max Health buffs during battle, target will now be healed for an equivalent amount

Bug Fixes

  • Orc Monk’s passive bashing damage reduction now correctly applies to all allies
  • Rotbeard can now damage Aurum in Stage 3 of the Boss Pit
  • Moon Drake’s legendary quest involving phase of the moon as has been fixed
  • An issue causing Guilds to get stuck in an invalid state for War has been fixed
  • An issue causing some players to get multiple Colosseum/Fight Pit rewards has been fixed
  • An issue causing runes to be unequippable after empowering them has been fixed
  • Clarity has been improved around viable Doppelganger clone targets

Install the update for some tasty bug fixes, and check out the patch notes!

Patch Notes:

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